María del Pilar Muñoz. Dreams. Sueños. ISBN 978-1-888205-24-4. $22.95.

Interpretation of dreams has been practiced by mankind for thousands of years. The hermeneutics of dreams varies from culture to culture. Latino culture has always been fascinated with the mystery of dreams and has its own approach to their significance. We can learn a lot from our dreams about ourselves, our past, present and future, our fears and hopes, our community, our health, mental state, feelings and much more. Dreams is a book that will help you understand your dreams, look at the interpretations and meanings of dream symbols, learn special methods of self-dream psychoanalysis, reveal the subtle inferences and meaning of common dreams, such as falling teeth, flying, falling, chase, and more. You will also find here interpretation of special dream themes like scenes, sounds, feelings and colors, numbers, animals, food, houses, ocean, forest and etc...look for items and symbols that are prevalent in your dreams. Piece together the bits of information, search for their meanings, then shape the significance, which may clarify the next steps you should take in life and enlighten understanding for a more fulfilling life. Dreams can be instrumental in guiding your decisions, providing you courage to accept fate, dealing with sorrow, self-awareness, and understanding prophetic dreams and your future, and achieving psychological health. Interpreting your own dreams with Dreams is an easy and effective way to unlock the mystery behind your life journey. With her passionate interest in historical anthropology María del Pilar Muñoz has contributed to New Mexico and La Herencia Magazines. She has also written an interpretation of Legends from the Camino Real and Mexica poems. Since a young child, she enjoyed traveling throughout the Southwest and Mexico, paved and unpaved roads, listening to the voices of ancianitos (elders) having pláticas (long talks) to bring forth traditions in forecasting the future using deeply rooted practices of elucidation of dreams. Latinos strongly believe that dreams are a forewarning at what lies ahead and beyond and to help you overcome whatever life brings. It was the reappearing memory of the importance of reading dreams that influenced publishing these interpretations.

María del Pilar Muñoz was born in Chihuahuitas, historical corner of El Paso, Texas. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Education with specialization in History and Master of Education with specialization in Curriculum Writing from University of Texas at El Paso. Having lived all her life in El Paso she retired as a Bilingual Education Teacher from Ysleta Schools. Mother of three sons and three daughters now enjoys five grandchildren.

"The importance of knowing the connection between our culture and our dreams makes the book Dreams by María del Pilar Muñoz a must read for anyone interested in exploring this exciting cultural relationship more in-depth. Kudos to the author for making this exciting exploration possible. An exciting must read!" Norma Godina-Silva, Ph.D., Founder, Director,

"Dreams will open your minds avenues into a different cultural spectrum of understanding. A plus read for one who wishes to know more about the significance of dreams and how to use them to broaden one's scope of life." Elbert García, Santa Rosa, New Mexico .