Adolfo Butch Cárdenas Por la Calle North Claremont: Beto Stories. Yasmeen Namazie and Genevieve Miller, Editors. ISBN: 978-1481182911. $22.95.

In a world of literacy education where Hispanic literature is still a rarity, Por la Calle North Claremont: Beto Stories are a gem in that it will provide students with the confidence to see the importance of their own childhood experiences. Students can read this book knowing that Hispanic literature does not have to portray children in worlds of poverty with barrios full of unloving parents, racial turmoil, rampant crime, dog-eat-dog politics, and other hopeless situations. The author provides children with the hope of living a life with the same good natured character Beto encourages, and he also gives voice to those of us who grew up in happy homes, with loving parents and good friends. Of course, the book is true to reality in that Beto does experience the usual turmoil many children face such as not always getting everything he wants, stressful school relations, family disputes and corporal punishment. Yet, Beto ends up okay with the help of those who at times drive him crazy, yet love him always—his friends and family. The book’s ending will also leave students wondering what happens next to Beto as he grows into a fine young man, always honest, loyal, responsible, and fun-loving. Adolfo Butch Cárdenas

A native of South Texas, Butch is a former Marine and has worked as a veteran newspaper journalist throughout the American Southwest and Mexico. He is a 2005 honor graduate from Texas A&M – Corpus Christi with a degree in English and a minor in Creative Writing. He has also completed his graduate coursework in Composition and Rhetoric at Texas A&M Corpus Christi. As a graduate assistant, Butch served as technical writer for two years with A&M-Corpus Christi’s Department of Computers, Media & Telecommunications. An avid creative writer, he has been previously published in academic literary journals. He currently tutors English Composition at Northwest Vista College in North San Antonio, Texas.