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The Salvation of La Purísima. By T.M. Spooner. ISBN: 0-915745-55-0. Hard cover $29.95.  Paperback $24.95

The Salvation of La Purísima

A novel, by T.M. Spooner  ISBN: 0-915745-55-0 Hard cover $29.95

T.M. Spooner’s first novel, The Salvation of La Purísima, explores the forces driving Mexican migrants north and the resulting impact on the communities and families left behind. The journey north is no longer just an economic necessity, but has evolved into a rite of passage for so many of Mexico’s rural youth.

A migrant he befriends draws the novel’s narrator, anthropologist Paul Westin, to Mexico. As Westin becomes more involved with the migrants and learns of a tragedy among them, he struggles to maintain professional objectivity. In Mexico he encounters La Purísima, the fractured village and symbol of rural Mexico, desperately struggling with the mysterious death of one of its own young men. The strange and unexpected reactions of the villagers force Westin and a local priest, Father Gabriel, to search for a solution to save La Purísima.

 The Salvation of La Purísima is compellingly told and written – with tender regard for its characters. The novel leaves the reader with a richer appreciation for the migrants, the human condition, and a sense that something profound has been experienced.

About the author

T. M. Spooner is a frequent visitor to Mexico where he has traveled extensively. Many of his summers are spent in Guadalajara where much of this novel was written. Spooner is a graduate of Northern Illinois University and attended graduate school at DePaul University in Chicago. His next novel deals with a group British and American expatriates living in the Lake Chapala region of Mexico. Link to author website: http://www.tmspooner.com/

The Salvation of La Purísima is available at fine bookstores everywhere and online from Floricanto Press, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.


The Salvation of La Purísima can be purchased online at www.floricantopress.com, www.amazon.com and www.barnesandnoble.com. T.M. Spooner can be contacted at tmspooner2000@yahoo.com. The Salvation of La Purísima. Hard cover. ISBN: 0-915745-55-0.

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