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Latino LGBT Titles


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Infinitas. By Carlos T. Mock. ISBN: 978-1-888205-38-1. $19.95

As a Puerto Rican living in the US, I no longer fit into my homeland. Every time I travel there, I'm considered un Americano. I'm always addressed in the English language. What's worse, my Puerto Rican friends who live on the Island don't seem to care about me anymore. I guess we've gone our separate ways-I've become too public with my homosexuality, while they endure best by living within the closet. On this side of the pond, in the United States, there are Puerto Ricans who have never been to Puerto Rico. They don't speak Spanish, they don't know our history or culture-yet, they declare themselves Puerto Rican. To them, I am less Puerto Rican than they because, in their eyes I didn't experience the same discrimination from the white culture while growing up as they did. So, where do I fit- what am I? I owe the answer to that question to my sister, Mayu-to whom I dedicate this book. As I cared for her and saw her cruel death arrive, unable to prevent it, I finally learned who I am. I am me, a special individual that is the sum total of all my experiences until now; no labels are needed to adequately describe me. Just like my sister-may she rest in peace-I will also turn into ashes when I die. This book tells some of my story, and because I think in both English and Spanish I decided to write it in both languages, to help those who still don't know who they are.

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Sobre tus ojos dormidos… Artículos críticos sobre la obra de Elías Nandino. On your sleeping eyes… Critical articles on the work of Elías Nandino

Edited by Gerardo Bustamante Bermudez. ISBN:978-1888205-33-6  $38.95


    Este libro descubre  varias facetas no estudiadas sobre la obra del poeta Elías Nandino, considerado por algunos como el “último de los Contemporáneos”.  Se trata del primer libro colectivo que relee la obra del poeta mexicano.

 Sobre tus ojos dormidos… Artículos críticos sobre la obra de Elías Nandino es una referencia obligada para los estudiosos de la obra del poeta, pues se trata de rigurosos estudios que nos permitirán estudiar la obra del vate coculense  a la luz de otras voces literarias de su época: Xavier Villaurrutia, Salvador Novo, Jorge Cuestas, Gilberto Owen, Bernardo Ortiz de Montellano, entre otros exponentes de la lírica mexicana del siglo XX. Este libro remoza la lectura del poeta, médico, promotor cultural e intelectual jalisciense destacado que había sido olvidado por la crítica literaria.


This book uncovers various aspects previously unstudied about the work of the poet Elías Nandino, considered by some to be the “last of the Contemporaneos.”  It is the first book to re-read the work of the Mexican poet.

On your sleeping eyes… Critical articles on the work of Elías Nandino is a necessary reference for students of the poet’s work.  It includes rigorous research that allows us to study the work of the poet from Cocula in light of other literary voices from his time: Xavier Villaurrutia, Salvador Novo, Jorge Cuesta, Gilberto Owen, Bernardo Ortiz de Montellano and other exponents of Mexican lyricism of the Twentieth Century.This book takes a whole new look at reading the poet, physician, cultural promoter and intellectual from Jalisco who had previously been forgotten by literary critics.


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Chat Room & other Latino Plays. Leo Cabranes-Grant.  ISBN: 978-0-9796457-5-4 $22.95

    "...That's one very important reason why this new line from Floricanto Press exists: to provide Latinos/as and other readers, writers, and interviewers with GLBT writers of quality who will provide significant work about the Latino-American gay experience. Writers like Leo Cabranes, whose plays Floricanto is putting out, in effect, leading the way. Leo addresses the issue: what does it mean to be a Latino-American in the U.S? How does the color of your skin, or your accent, or any of a dozen of perceived differences affect not only how you may be treated-demonized, vilified, adored, iconized-but also how you come to perceive yourself? And how does that change who you become? In Mortality, the changing and changeable nature of Latino American GLBT identity becomes a toy played with by the characters and the author to express and illuminate the underlying anxiety that this topic always incites. And we've not yet begun to explore other themes of this writing: machismo versus homosexuality, male versus female, and how or even why that should alter to catch up to the rest of the world. Or the role of the various religions-Catholicism versus Santeria for example-that are touched upon in these works. So much to read. So much to think of. Meanwhile welcome to this new line of Floricanto gay Hispanic books. I hope you enjoy the work, as much as I've enjoyed it." Felice Picano


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Papi Chulo. Dr. Carlos T. Mock. ISBN:  978-0-9796457-0-9  $24.95

    "If self-identity is a crucial issue in this literature, then national identity is what Carlos Mock addresses; and Papi Chulo, actually is the story of a country as seen through the eyes and lives of three strong women of several generations. For Carlos Mock, the theme is felt so strongly that it must be openly expressed. "

To Puerto Ricans, I've become an American. But to Americans of Puerto Rican descent, I'm insufficiently Puerto Rican because I've not undergone the years of prejudice they have." So the question becomes, who are any of these characters, these authors, these people? And we've not yet begun to explore other themes of this writing: machismo versus homosexuality, male versus female, and how or even why that should alter to catch up to the rest of the world. Or the role of the various religions-Catholicism versus Santeria for example-that permeates in the novel. So much to read. So much to think of. Meanwhile welcome to this new line of Floricanto gay Hispanic books. I hope you enjoy the work, as much as I've enjoyed it." Felice Picano


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Mosaic Virus. By Carlos T. Mock, M.D.  9780915745798  $24.95

     It is 1983. In Rome, Cardinal Siri, the most powerful Cardinal in the Vatican, summons a young Jesuit priest and assigns him a grave and urgent task. The Vatican has been keeping secret an epidemic of deaths among priests in the northeastern United States. Father Javier Barraza must determine how and why they are dying-and whether a suspected international conspiracy against the Holy Roman Church is coming to fruition. Barraza is an Argentinean who has risen swiftly through the ranks to the post of Devil's Advocate-an investigator of candidates for sainthood. In his new assignment, his path immediately intersects with Lillian Davis-Lodge, a special agent with the FBI, and a compelling figure from Barraza's past. The reappearance of Lillian is more than mere coincidence; she is far from the "special agent" she claims to be. She occupies the highest echelons of power in the United States, with full access to information and influence. Secrets and spies inhabit the subterranean world of the Church just as they do the government of the United States, and a disturbing trail of evidence strongly indicates to Barraza that his Church may be complicit in what he has been assigned to investigate. Set in the arcane, yet alluring world of the Vatican, The Mosaic Virus will grip you in its terrifyingly-true-to-life tale of secrets, sex and violence. At the end, you'll pray that it's only fiction. Carlos Mock's maiden voyage proves he is already a master storyteller.

Laura S. Washington Ida B. Wells-Barnett University Professor, DePaul University Columnist, Chicago Sun-Times

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Borrowing Time: A Latino Sexual Odyssey. By Carlos T. Mock, M.D. 978-0-915745-77-7 Paperback $24.95 300 pgs.

Hardbound $35.00

"Whatever your orientation, no matter your ethnicity, you'll never be the same after a journey through this odyssey. A vivid and visceral portrayal of a sexual and political coming-of-age in today's America-and beyond." Laura S. Washington, Ida B. Wells-Barnett University Professor, DePaul University; Columnist, Chicago Sun-Times

"Gay literature is rich in so many areas, yet we still have a need for strong stories from the world of Latino culture-about family, about youth, about coming out, about creating adult relationships, about AIDS. Now, Carlos Mock give us a strong Puerto Rican story that deals with all these issues." -Patricia Nell Warren, author of The Front Runner and The Wild Man.



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Luis Zapata. The Strongest Passion. Translated from Spanish by Clary Loisel, Ph.D., 2006. ISBN:  0-915745-76-3 $23.95 

    Latino literature    Mexican fiction    Gay literature  Latino Gays Hispanic literature Latin American Literature

    Using only dialogue as its narrative technique, Luis Zapata recounts the story of his protagonist Santiago, a middle-aged businessman hopelessly in love with Arturo, a 19-year-old teenager, who is the son of Sarita, his best friend.  Through skillful and entertaining dialogues during their courtship, which continue once the conquest is achieved, the novel reflects the deep generational chasm between the characters.  Santiago is the completely dedicated representative of that mythical first generation of gringos born in Mexico--but in a gay version--who cultivates values and pursues goals in life and who believes in the middle-class version of national progress through personal and individual commitment.  Arturo, on the other hand, is the typical postmodern teenager: pragmatic, addicted to working out, hedonistic, vain to the point of being narcissistic, cynical to the point of being cruel, and materialistic to the point of accepting money as the only God. 

Thus, in The Strongest Passion, Zapata shows us that if indeed there are “women who love too much,” there are also “homosexuals who love too much.”

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MARIPOSAS: A Modern Anthology of Queer Latino Poetry. By  Emanuel  Xavier,  Editor. ISBN: 978-0979645-79-2   176 p.  $19.95 

    “Whether straight, bisexual, closeted or openly gay, Latino voices have made a deep mark in the poetry scene.  Despite distinction in style, dialect, and customs within the Latino mosaic, our voices have been unified by a determination to be heard.  Much like poetry in general, whether academic or self-taught, the need to express ourselves cannot be restricted within borders.  Whatever language transferred between pen and paper, it is imperative to share our experiences with the world at large.” 

Mariposas: A Modern Anthology of Queer Latino is a ground-breaking poetry collection edited by Emanuel Xavier.  The collection features the work of 17 poets from across the United States and Buenos Aires including: Francisco Aragon, Lorenzo Herrera y Lozano, Brandon Lacy Campos, Dino Foxx, Andres “Chulisi” Rodriguez, Urayoan Noel, Yosimar Reyes, Robert Ortiz, Walter Viegas, Joe Jimenez, Will Sierra, Rane Arroyo, Pol Ajenjo, Daniel Torres, Carlos T. Mock, M.D., Xuan Carlos Espinoza-Cuellar and Emanuel Xavier.  Featured poems are published in English and Spanglish with several translated into or from Spanish.


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