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This page is designed to assist authors in the publication process and with the sale of their books.

Now, that your book is ready and slated for publication, the real work begins. Efforts need to be focused on the promotion of the book.

Once the book completes successfully the editing and production in-house-process is submitted for printing. About two weeks later, the printer reviews the submission of the files—he has its own requirements, which need to be met. Once the printer approves the submission of the text and cover files, he generates a proof. This is the last opportunity to review a digital file or a hard copy of the book. If this proof is approved by the publisher and author—no errors or glitches are found—it moves next to limited production.

The book at this stage is printed, but not published. The author and the review media receive ADVANCED copies of the book for review and promotion purposes only, four months before the actual release date.

Once the book is reviewed, on the release date—about 4 months after the proof is approved—the book goes to full distribution. This means the book will appear in B&N and Amazon and it will be available to every bookstore through the Ingram Digital Catalog. This catalog is used by B&N, Amazon, and all bookstores to acquire copies of the book.

Before the release date, books are available through us only.

To promote the book:

Use the same back cover text and more, if you  have the time to write, to set up your author profile in BookTour.com (link is found below) and send us the link, to associate it to your book in our website. Use the links below to find with the  bookstores locators near you to schedule five book readings and signings. Independent bookstores and Borders are best. They love authors and to promote your book. Thirdly, use BookTour.com (link is founf below) to search for similar authors and events, such as—Hispanic and women fiction—and to find actual bookstores that specialize supporting authors in your genre. Finally, send us an e-mail list of connections, acquaintances, colleagues, etc. to mail the announcement of the release.

All these items are critical for the success of the book.


The Editors


Publicity and promotion of your title is critical for its success. Here are some links that will help you to identify bookstore contacts near you. Please, call the store and schedule a book signing. Floricanto provides for 40% discount to bookstores for orders placed directly through us. Books are fully returnable.

Generate Immediate Exposure for Your Book with a Free Book Daily Author Account at Book Daily http://www.bookdaily.com/lndpg/lndpgv1

Constant Publicity Guide http://gettheauthorsedge.com/?utm_source=msn&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=howtomarketabook&utm_content=free10partcourse&utm_campaign=msnmain

John Kremer's advice http://www.bookmarket.com/

Borders became Barnes & Noble

http://www.bookmarket.com/BARNES & NOBLE BOOKSTORES can be found in this link Store Locator - storelocator.barnesandnoble.com/find_a_store.do

INDEPENDENT BOOKSTORES can be found at these links: Independent bookstores are very good.

Store Locator - www.booksense.com/store/index.jsp

Where do readers buy books? http://www.dreamagic.com/poetry/bookstores/states0.html

Find Independent Booksellers in Your Area

Zip Code:
Advanced Search | Browse Bookseller Directory
Find Independent Booksellers in Your Area

Find Independent Bookstores http://www.bookmarket.com/bookstores.htm

Bookstores :: NewPages Guide :: Independent Bookstores in U.S. and ...

Post your profile in BookTour.com and use it to identify bookstores that are supportive of your book.




You may also place your orders through www.amazon.com using the navigation bars.


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